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     FOLIAGE - Besides being essential to life on our planet, plants add beauty and charm with their unique forms and color.  Although color usually attracts the most attention, form and texture are more enduring, and they are the characteristics used most often to identify and classify plants.  It is important to think about how the characteristics of each plant will relate to the plant or hardscape next to it.

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Aloe Vera_edited.jpg

Aloe Vera

Chilli Pepper Cordyline.jpg

Chili Pepper Cordyline

Croton Petra (4).jpg

Croton Petra

Florica Cordyline_edited.jpg

Florica Cordyline

Red Sisters_edited_edited.jpg

Red Sisters

Split Leaf

Split Leaf Philodendron

black Zulu.jpg

Black Zulu

Croton Magnificent 6 in_edited.jpg

Croton Magnificent

Dracaena Lime Light Lori’s Favorite_edit

Dracaena Lemon Lime



Sansevieria 6 in.jpg


Superva Sansevieria.jpg

Superva Sansevieria

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